Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress can include feeling overwhelmed, constant worry, fearfulness, trouble sleeping and concentration problems that interfere with everyday life in such areas as work, family, physical heath and social interactions. There are effective treatments which include anxiety management techniques so that one can live a happier, more productive life with more satisfying relationships.

Couples therapy

Focuses on resolution of problems couples typically experience such as destructive arguing as well as on growth in such areas as increased communication, trust and intimacy. Couple’s counseling can also deal with changing destructive cycles of relating, sexual intimacy concerns, affairs or infidelity, and issues of blended families or remarried partners with children. The goal of couple’s therapy is a more secure, safe and stable bond between partners.

Individual Psychotherapy

Focuses on issues of concern and areas of desired growth. This can include management of anxiety, stress and depression and resolving effects of abuse in an adult’s life. Research has found that a strong positive relationship between a client and psychotherapist accounts for a significant portion of change and growth for the individual in counseling or psychotherapy.